Citrix Epicor 10.2.400.13 client not saving user preferences

We have one of our companies using the fat client within a Citrix environment, and when they change things like the way the modern interface is laid out (Tree View, List View, etc) the system never remembers it for that user, it always resets that information to the defaults. Does anyone know where the system stores that information? Is it on the local folder?

Of course I find the answer only moments after posting. In case anyone else needs to know, the view preferences for each user are stored in C:\ProgramData\Epicor<ServerName>-\3.2.400.0\UserConfig.There seems to be a user_.config file which holds settings for the user sessions. I still need to see if Citrix can keep those folders synced for each user session, but at least I can point the Citrix support people at the right files now.

Make sure epicor session manager is run as a service. Otherwise it will be launched on the citrix server when the first remote client is launched. But when that client exits, the session manager exits, leaving users that logged in after the first, to be without a session mananger running. Or something like that.

Theres a topic on here about it.