Citrix WAN Solution

We have a connection from Chicago to MA. It is 256k. We have 1-3
concurrent users in Chicago which is our remote site, MA being our main
site. The speed is usually about 70% of what it is at the main site. Not
great at all, but useable for the amount of transactions. However, we use
only terminal server without the citrix add-on, so performance may be
enhanced by using the citrix add-on.

To Vantage Users,

I am intending to implement Citrix between our plants in Texas, NH, SC and Chicago. We currently have a 128k frame relay line.

Does anyone in the Chicago area currently run Vantage over Citrix? I would like to see how Vantage functions on less than a 256K line.

Thanks for your help.

Dan Wiesbrock
Innerpac, Inc
708-863-8300 EX 115

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