Classic -> Kinetic Timeline FYI

From Epicor:

After Kinetic 2021.1 Release any new functionality will be only added as a Kinetic UI Application.

Critical Updates and Compliance Updates will be maintained in classic for 2 years

After 2 years** Classic UI will still be available but **not updated or maintained

After 3 years Classic UI will be removed from Kinetic.

That is the timeline being given by Epicor at the moment for those who had questions.


I’d love to see a sample project plan for converting existing UI customization to kinetic and how one might be able to plan for that, given the timelines shown


I’d bet you would see that at insights this year :wink: !


I am hoping!!!

That’s means that i need update all my service connect workflows to use rest calls instead of .Net calls? :neutral_face:

Well yes, if you expect to still be using Service Connect after the classic client is no longer supported.

I’m not convinced this is a particularly likely (or advisable) scenario: I’m still hoping we might see a true replacement product at some point, even if I’m losing patience at this stage!