Classic -> Kinetic Timeline FYI

From Epicor:

After Kinetic 2021.1 Release any new functionality will be only added as a Kinetic UI Application.

Critical Updates and Compliance Updates will be maintained in classic for 2 years

After 2 years** Classic UI will still be available but **not updated or maintained

After 3 years Classic UI will be removed from Kinetic.

That is the timeline being given by Epicor at the moment for those who had questions.


I’d love to see a sample project plan for converting existing UI customization to kinetic and how one might be able to plan for that, given the timelines shown


I’d bet you would see that at insights this year :wink: !


I am hoping!!!

That’s means that i need update all my service connect workflows to use rest calls instead of .Net calls? :neutral_face:

Well yes, if you expect to still be using Service Connect after the classic client is no longer supported.

I’m not convinced this is a particularly likely (or advisable) scenario: I’m still hoping we might see a true replacement product at some point, even if I’m losing patience at this stage!

Question on “After 3 years Classic UI will be removed” does this include the Classic Style login option which displays the classic home page? We have many users that still use “Classic Style” at login and then others that do not check either box and use the default style. Can I assume that once Classic UI is removed there will only be the one login option and home page which would be the Kinetic?

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There won’t be that log in page in 3 years. You’ll be logging on via web browser at that point.

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Can’t wait to lay this one on my users…they are fighting us on the Kinetic screens. We are not using EWA yet.

EWA is dead. Kinetic is nothing like EWA, so I wouldn’t conflate the two. EWA is WebForms (based on WinForms) where Kinetic uses the Angular JavaScript framework which is supported and used by Google.

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Is the Kinetic Web Browser available yet?

Yes, for the main user screens. Some of the tech screens (BAQ, BPM, Functions, etc.) aren’t ready yet. But the regular user screens are. You’ll need to be on version 2021.1+ for that though. I wouldn’t try to use the kinetic screens in any earlier versions. They weren’t ready.

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We are on 2021.1.11 now. Are there instructions somewhere on how to access/setup? We are a cloud user.

If you log into Epicor using the Home Page option

You will get to the Kinetic Main Menu . At first it is a little daunting to set up but my advice is to have someone with Admin rights create a blank layout and have users start with that. Kinetic forms will open up in the Epicor Web Browser ( may not be the correct Technical term…) When the user has their Main menu system/Home Page set up , the can go to your Company URL ( Found by default on the top of the users Home screen ) and add /Home to the end of the url and that will ask for their Epicor Credentials. This is " In a Web Browser" that so many speak of.

Hope this helps…


Thanks - yes this helps. I was able to log in to the Epicor Web Browser which was the same home page as what I see if I log in non-web browser using using the Kinetic Home Page…just didn’t have the login page with the options.

Hey Brandon,

Might you have more info on when the client is gone and the only option is via web browser? That may be an issue for us, so we’d like to start investigating.


I think Epicor said they they are going to have support for the client for 2-3 years. After that, it’s gone. It’s been a little wishy washy sometimes on the actual timeframe, as I’m sure it’s not set in stone. I would also guess that they’ll get some pressure to extend that as the deadline approaches, but it would behoove you to not depend on that.

If you’re on Prem, you could stick it out a little longer by not upgrading, but again, that’s not a great strategy either.