Classic VS New UI

We are brand new to Epicor and have Kinetic 2022.1.6 on premise install. Most of the online training is done via Classic.

So we have SSO (Single Sign-on turned on and would like to give the user the option at login the choice between Classic and New UI.

Is this possible?

Not with SSO enabled.
If you’re going that route, I would have your users log into the fat client for classic and use the browser if they want the new UX.

Thanks - now to work on getting the fat client to all users without visiting each workstation. (I.E.) .Net Deploy, Certificate Install then Client Install - All Silent install via login script, GPO or Workspace One.

The Epicor client is pretty easy to deploy. There are several posts on here talking about it. It’s easy to upgrade and remove too. We’ve been on Epicor a few years now and I’ve never touched machines for deployments, upgrades, etc. All done remotely and automated. That’s one really nice thing about Epicor.

I would think that you could have two config.sys files - one defaults to Classic, the other Kinetic.

You also can change the shortcut properties to run classic, shell, or Kinetic