Clear custom UI fields


I have custom calculations running in the sales order program and displaying on the UI in a text box. The problem is the field is not clearing when the user switches to a different sales order, or makes a new one.

I’m sure I’m missing the little magic wand here. What can I use so forms properly clear/update custom ui fields? Thanks!

If a control is bound to a UD field, it happens automagically.

If you are plopping a value in a control with no binding, you have to clear it yourself.

There are many ways you can do this, perhaps the easiest might be to use to wizard to create an event for EpiNotify and add logic that says if the row count of the main view (the one that holds your key) is equal to 0, clear your fields.

Thanks, Chris. Yes sadly this is an on the fly calc and not bound to anything.

I was hoping for EpiMagic but if I have to clear manually I will. Thank you.

Add the AfterAdapterMethod event to your form.

switch (args.MethodName)
			case "ClearData":
                        case "ResetList"://or any other Method name...under debug you can see what's going on when there is a change in the Order number...use that method to clear your text box.

that is what is working for me…