Clearing outstanding invoices with minuscule values

This question has been asked by my accounts department and my knowledge of the witchcraft that goes on in there is limited so if you come back with too technical questions I may have to go back and ask them…

It appears that we have some AR invoices that are not closed on the system because they have values like 0.001 left on them that accounts thinks is due to exchange rates and they can’t get rid of them by doing an applied credit memo or a write off because these options don’t go to three decimal places.

Is there any way to get rid of these as they keep appearing on the statements showing as 0 value lines and confusing our customers.

Thanks in advance,


Have you tried the Write-Off command?

We had this problem until we tweaked the ‘rounding’ settings in three places:

  1. Company Config > Modules > Acct Recv. We have rounding tolerance set to 0.0 here but set to 0.50 in A/P.
  2. Currency Mang > Currency Master > Rounding tab. We have ‘round to nearest’ set to 0.01 for all currencies and all catagories (We use multi-currency)
  3. Gen Ledger > Setup > Book > Posting. We have Rounding Difference set to 0.50.

As I recall, #3 was the critical one for most postings, but we definately had to change all three to get a few A/P invoices to post.


Hi Mark,

I believe they have, I didn’t think it worked because on the number of decimal places (as in they can only see 2)



Hi Andrew,

You have made a young lady in accounts very happy
:blush: it looks like that has worked and we can now remove all the odd 0.001’s
we have on the system.

I am going to get the Finance manager to check everything is ok with the transactions we did and then we can remove them all.

Thanks again,




Just been asked by accounts did you have do anything special to clear the items with rounding issues or was it just the normal Write-off, we have some that are proving problematic…

Hi John,
Sorry, I don’t recall anything special. I think after we made these changes, we were able to post with the normal posting process. But, I’m not the finance person.