Client schema mismatch - CashHead

A user is getting the following error in Cash Receipts Entry. We checked in the method directives and did not see any BPM directives for CashRec. We usually re-enable the method directive when this happen but I can’t find the method directive.

ERROR condition: Parameter number 1 (table ttCashHead) mismatch. Has 286 fields - client schema has 284 fields (8030)(7211)

Did you possibly get a hot-fix that was a server and client side patch? Do other users work? If so, you could look at the client side files for a difference.

We did not get a hot fix. Where are the client side files located to review? Are you talking about the .dll files?

Yes, the .dll files in the client folder. If you have not applied a hot-fix related to cash, you can probably skip comparing them. Do you have any customizations for that screen? I would also check your BPMs again and look for any method or data directive that may be touching the cash related method or table.

We do not have any customizations. I looked in the CashRec and the other Cash…BO but did not see any method directives. Could it be under the Receipt BO?

It would be under CashRec for method directives. Did you look at data directives?

Yes, I looked under data directives. I think we’re going to try to reinstall Epicor so that a new fresh client file gets created.

Other possibility is if you’ve tried to extend the CashDtl table using Extended Table Maintenance. If you’re only 10.0.x and you’ve created the table but not synchronised to the database, I think you’d get this message.