Clock into a job using an updatable dashboard or just a form with bpm on back end?

Hello All,

We have a dashboard that enters a labor transaction for a job. This is in place of using normal MES functionality. Does anyone know how to clock into a job using an updatable dashboard or by invoking business object methods.

This would help so much if anyone can start to point me in a direction.



The business object is Labor and the method to start with is StartActivity. You would then need to default the JobNum, AsmSeq, and OprSeq.

Run a trace and you’ll see all the relevant methods being called.

But how do I pass those to it from a form? Also, is there more that I can pass i.e. the employee num, time, etc? or does it take care of the timing, labordtl seq and everything?

The StartActivity method will “setup” the LaborDtl record for you.

Doing a trace of the “Start Activity” button click on the Epicor Form will yield lots of info for what you need to do.

In a nutshell, once you have the LaborHedSeq for the employee, Do a GetByID passing the LaborHedSeq. this returns a dataset (ds)
Call the StartActivity method passing the LaborHedSeq, Activity Type, and ds
Call the DefaultJobNum method passing ds, and JobNum
Call the DefaultOprSeq method passing ds, and the OprSeq
find the new row that was added and grab the ResourceID
Call CheckWarnings method passing ds
Call CheckEmployeeActivity method passing employeeNum, LaborHedSeq, JobNum, AssemblySeq, OprSeq, and the ResourceID you grabbed above
Call SetClockInAndDisplayTimeMES method passing in ds
Call Update method passing in ds