Closing releases on Purchase Order

I’m trying to close down old/dead releases on open purchase orders to try and make reporting a little clearer, but I’m currently struggling to do so. In most instances the PO have been set up as Contract PO and that appears to be preventing me from closing releases. Instead my only option is to close the line, which I can’t do as there are still valid releases on there.

As we are approaching the end of the year, I will be suggesting to my client that these blanket orders are closed and re-issued for 2021, but that won’t prevent this from happening again so I’m after a long term solution here.

Thoughts, comments etc all welcome


I haven’t run into this, but could you show the error when you attempt to manually close a release and line?

Thanks for coming back to me. This is the menu that pops up if we click on actions. As you can see the options for release are all greyed out. I was expecting to be able to close the individual releases as you can on a sales order, without having to close the line.

Having raised this with support, their response was to highlight a setting where PO releases are set to close at receipt. Without the receipt they apparently won’t close. They advised us to create an updateable BAQ to assist in this, but to me that is a solution that doesn’t actually answer the underlying question


Is there a reason you want the line left open, while all its releases are closed?

An open line with no open releases seems to be paradox.

My client uses contract orders, some of which haven’t been updated since they were created a couple of years ago. From a discipline point of view they should have been closed at the end of the year and re-opened for the new one, but they haven’t done that so we’ve been left with these old releases we want to get rid of and now new ones that are genuine

What if you close the Line, then re-open it, and then add a new release for the remaining qty of the contract?

FTR - I’m not familiar with how contract purchases affect the PO system.

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That’s an interesting take on it. I’ll try it and see if it works.

It appears the curse of the contract PO strikes again. You cannot close a contract PO, re-open it and add a line

If a receipt is created against the release, that should close the release. If that receipt is then deleted, does it re-open the release? Probably does, but worth a test.

And does your client want these closed? Or is it just your suggestion to do so? If so, what is the advantage of closing and re-opening them under a new release?

We’re performing a large data cleanse to remove old items (2 years plus) to try and aid in making the reporting cleaner and more accurate.

I suspect we will close the orders down at the end of the year and start again with a fresh set, but I wanted to be able to know how to correct this moving forwards as it will inevitably happy again