Cloud Hosted DocStar Security


My company is in the middle of implementing Epicor on the Azure Cloud and have also purchased cloud hosted DocStar as a document management system. We have been told that the cloud hosted DocStar does not conform to ITAR security requirements by our Cre8tive CAM. Our Go live date is November 4th and we are running out of time to get DocStar up and running and are curious if anyone else has had this issue or communication about the security of DocStar.

If you have implemented a cloud version of DocStar linked to the Azure cloud, what has your experience been?

Thank you!

AWS can certainly do ITAR ( Epicor won’t do it there?

As a stop-gap, you could install it on-prem until you have other options.

I dont think that CAM is correct. I’d reach out to DocStar directly.

Hi Heather. What was the resolution on this? Who ended up hosting DocStar for you? Did you use Cre8tive to do the DocStar implementation?

Hello @SheMunkee,

The only practical solution was to put DocStar on premise until they figure out how to ITAR secure the SAAS version.

Cre8tive was the middle man between us and Epicor/DocStar for the installation. We go live with the whole system in less than two weeks and we still don’t have DocStar figured out all the way.

Hope this helps!