Cloud Kinetic 2021 Ammending BAQR report to add extra data added in related BAQ

In the new Kinetic Cloud

amending a BAQ report with SSRS to add data has been made obsolete

according to Senior Support

their sugested solution is not working

updating the Report Definition is now not Allowed and disabled

our company uses BAQ/BAQR a lot to supplement standard reports for me if one of my users or departments want to see an extra field , it will mean a complete report rewrite , not simple with cloud SSRS

So how else can it be done without having to re-write the whole report from scratch

anybody else have any ideas

Mr. Alan: We now have to manually add the fields to the Select statement in the SSRS.

Download the RDL and add the new fields to the SELECT statement. There are a few videos out there on how to do that.


Yes I had discovered that but its still a retro step in Epicor’s Cloud Development
does not lend itself to a customer frendly system

On prem users must do the same. It’s not a cloud restriction.

Yes Mark but on prem users can add fields
but so far support have not found a way I can do that with cloud
It now seams the issue applys to custom report copies from standard as well.
anyway ongoing with support
so at the moment cannot add fields in RDD and publish them without re-doing the whole report
can you see the problem with a complex sales order report.