Collaborate and Microsoft Teams


Has anyone been able to link Epicor Collaborate with Microsoft Teams?


I haven’t linked Teams to Epicor Collaborate but I have done some testing on linking Teams to Epicor with BPM’s. You can use a WebHook to create a message in Teams with a HTTP request. I think I made the http request with custom code widget in a BPM (this was a while ago).

If I remember right you should be able to setup a BPM in Epicor triggered from a Collaborate trigger. You need to setup the webhook in Teams first to get the URL you need to use. Webhooks seem to have limited security in that anyone with the secret URL can post messages to the Teams channel. There are more secure option available in Teams but I am not familiar with them.



Thank you Brett, this is not what I’m looking for. I’m trying to save the connection setup to Microsoft Teams in the following window, but it doesn’t save. Am I doing it wrong, maybe? This is why I’m asking if it worked for some of you.

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Oh, I see. I am afraid I cant help you with that. We don’t have Collaborate …yet. I would be interesting in hearing how it works out for you.


@Alexandre_Pothier, Epicor Collaborate integration with Microsoft Teams enables two-way synchronisation between a Collaborate group and a specific Microsoft teams channel.

For this to work with Microsoft Teams, you need Teams to be linked to Azure AD (as an Enterprise Application) and for Collaborate to be registered as an application within the same directory. This allows all the necessary permisisons for the two to communicate with one another to be set.

Since 10.2.600 (that all these features require) is not GA at the time of writing, I suggest you reach out to your account manager for the documentation on setting this integration up. It is a one time process in Azure AD that will unlock new possibilities for collaboration that I am certain you will find most exciting.

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I’m curious what kind of integrations are being made available out of the box, if you can speak to that

Thanks for your help. I’ll be patiently waiting for the documentation to come out, but I feel like my issue is that I haven’t registered Collaborate in Azure AD. I’ll give it a try. Thanks again.

Out of the box Collaborate in 10.2.600 integrates with Microsoft Teams and Epicor EVA.

Teams integration is, as mentioned, a two way sync between Collaborate group and a team channel. EVA integration enables asking EVA for help and requesting action by simply @ mentioning her.

But if it is integrations you are after, there are several new possibilities to explore with this imminent release.

Firstly, Collaborate now allows creation of custom notification rules using the new rule designer. This means you are no longer limited to just the system rules we ship. Additionally, Collaborate now includes a new BPM and Function widget for posting messages to Collaborate. So you could trigger a message from an IoT event, for example.

Secondly, alongside unlocking custom rules, we now allow for custom CDC subscribers to be setup. CDC or change data capture is a mechanism originally utilised by Epicor Social and completely rewritten for 10.2.500. It is what powers Collaborate notification rules but is architected to allow custom integrations as well. It is triggered at database level (by a data change in the database) and handled by ERP tasks, supporting related tables (so you can operate based on the customer details such as customer group but trigger from and order header change, for example). CDC can push payload to external webhooks or queue it up for retrieval through REST API (this is how Collaborate doesn’t require you to unlock your ERP instance to WAN - by making ERP push the notifications to it). It is a very powerful mechanism and I look forward to seeing how it becomes leveraged for new solutions and integrations once everyone realises the capabilities it enables.