Columns From Default Saved Search When Default Landing Page Is Not Retrieve

Has anyone experienced this with Saved Searches?

It seems stupid to me that a user in the use case below needs to reselect the default Saved Search (whose name is already displayed in the dropdown) in order to get results with the Saved Search’s columns! Am I missing a step or a setting?

Use Case:
The ECM user has 2 or more Saved Searches.
On User Preferences - Retrieve tab, one of the saved searches, AAA, is selected as the Default Search.
On User Preferences - Environment tab, the Default Landing Page is set to Packages (or anything except Retrieve).
For the default Saved Search, AAA, the Include Columns checkbox is checked ON.

When the user logs into ECM and switches from the default landing page [Packages], to Retrieve, the default Saved Search AAA is the default in the Saved Search dropdown. No search is automatically performed just by clicking to the Retrieve page; thus no results are shown. And the blank columns listed are not the columns from the Saved Search.

At this point, if the user:

  • Clicks the Search button, the results are from the Saved Search criteria (good), but the columns do not change to be the columns saved with the default Saved Search (bad).
  • If the user instead reselects the default Saved Search AAA from the dropdown, then the search is run, the results are from the Saved Search criteria (good), and the columns change to those saved with the Saved Search (good).

Note: If the same user changes their Default Landing Page to Retrieve and keeps a default Saved Search, such as AAA, then this happens subsequently upon login: ECM opens to the Retrieve page (as default landing page), ECM automatically runs the default saved search, and the results show the columns saved with that default saved search (all great).

I’m using on premises Epicor ECM v21.2.101 and accessing with the latest Chrome or Edge browser.

We’re not using saved searches so we’re not seeing this, but Id’ say you need to get this to support as a ticket right away and see if they can’t get it fixed - or provide some explanation as to the reasoning for this behavior.

My guess though, is that there is some particular thing with the code where even though you are expecting the columns to change based on the default search setting, the act of changing ‘tabs’ inside the app is not enough to alter the default grid structure on the retrieve tab - and that a specific event occurs on that tab, when changing searches, to alter the columns. Just a guess though.

Thanks for responding, @MikeGross.

I agree that it might be expecting too much to see the Saved Search’s columns simply by switching over to the Retrieve page.

It would be an awesome enhancement IMO if there were a user preference to auto-run (or not) the default saved search (if any) when switching over to the Retrieve tab, including showing the saved search’s columns with the auto-run’s results.

However, I do think it’s poor design that the Saved Search’s columns are not displayed when the user (1) switches to the Retrieve page and (2) simply clicks the Search button to run the default Saved Search whose name defaults in the dropdown. I’ll probably ask Support about that.