Combine (2) packing slips to (1) invoice

How do I combine (2) different packing slips into a single invoice? Honestly, I thought this would be an easy get-in-there-and-figure-it-out situation, but am just not seeing it.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Customer maintenance has this field which should get you there.


Hi Ross,

I see that is checked. I saw somewhere in the past (version 8 post) that “advanced billing” module may be required for this to take effect. Is this the case?

Not that I am aware of. It really just consolidates multiple pack slips that are ready to invoice to a single invoice during the get shipments process. However, it is for a common order. If you want to do it across different orders I think you have to use consolidate sales orders as well.


Ok. This one happens to be different packing slips due to being a back order on an “invoice when complete” order. I’m guessing I have to consolidate the packing slips. Where is the “consolidate” functionality?

In Customer Maintenance on the Billing/Detail tab. Sorry, I said consolidate but the screen says combine. Just check the top 2 checkboxes from the image above and see if that gets you there. If it is due to the invoice when complete it won’t grab it but you can see it if you check View Not Invoice Packing Slips and the radio button for Pending Order Complete.



Excellent! Thank you.

One more note… I learned through this that the packing slips need to be within the same period. I don’t understand the necessity of this restriction.

In our case, the primary machine shipped early at the customer’s request (last month). The order was marked as “Invoice When Complete.” A couple of the options arrived this week and shipped to the customer. This triggered the invoicing, but was coming out as 2 different invoices. It wasn’t until I marked those options as shipped last month that the packing slips were allowed to be combined. The invoice date was modified to this week’s date and life is great except for some inventory that was backdated.

I guess I really don’t understand why there is a period limitation to this process. IFRS 15 (ACS 606) doesn’t allow for invoicing until the contract is fulfilled which, in this case, wouldn’t have been until the options made it there. Removing the restriction, packing lists need to have occurred in the same month, would have allowed inventory to get processed when it occurred.

Yeah, that is true.

Does it help to remove the company configuration setting that states Ship Date = Invoice Date or is it all the same because the shipment happened in a prior period? I have never verified that.


Not sure. We’re posted now. So, I’ll have to catch it on the next train (wreck). :slight_smile:

We are having the same issue. Some of our Field Service Jobs can run for months with multiple shipments but the customer wants (1) invoice.
Has anyone come up with a workaround for invoicing combined shipments that span multiple Periods?

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Packslips are separated into periods when using option “Use Shipment Date for Invoice Date”, without it it should go to the same invoice provided other conditions are met.

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Seems to work perfectly.
Thank you Jonathan!