Come work with me, Hannah , Brandon and Bryan!

Hey hey!

We are once again expanding our team, if you are an awesome developer engineer type love to tinker with and enhance Epicor, web apps, mobile apps and more come work with us!

100% Remote Position (or you can come visit one of our 41 plants world wide)


Tim And Eric Flirting GIF

Oh, if only I had the skills.


What, no Podcast skills required?

any places in wisconsin?

It’s remote. I’m in Menomonee Falls!

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Yeah you can go work at @hmwillett 's house

Can you arrange a tour even if I don’t work there?
:smile: I love visiting plants.

But anyway, good luck with your search!

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Lol, I haven’t even visited corporate yet! Not that it would be that exciting, most people are mostly work from home anyways.

When are you visiting the F1 Team with Epicor, is that this summer?

Don’t sell yourself short there Mr.

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True, @Banderson was an Engineer not even a full stack developer when he joined Stephen Gould. If you have a good mentor like @josecgomez who is willing to get you onboard and invest in training you. Skill is not needed, what you need is potential, drive, eagerness, commitment, basically be a hungry lion who didn’t eat for a decade.

I dont hire people with skill, because unlearning is harder than teaching someone my ways. Coachable folks only.


No Sites in Aus I see :frowning:

You need Morph!