Comment fields in BAQ's

With our upgrade to from 10.1.400 to 10.2.300, I’ve encountered a change in behavior when including a Comment field, like Orderdtl.OrderComment, in a BAQ. Frequently, our order comments are entered on multiple lines in the text box. In our 10.1.400 BAQs and Dashboards when the data in a comment field included CRLF the CRLF was apparently stripped automatically. The data could be copied from the BAQ/Dashboard and would paste to a single cell. In 10.2.300.4, the CRLF is not stripped and when pasted into Excel, it will jump to a new cell each time the CRLF is encountered in the data value. My solution has been to modify affected BAQs to display a calculated field that strips the CRLF from the data instead of displaying the raw data value.

I have used the same replace method writing SQL queries. I also include char(9)-tab and char(10)-line feed. Everyone wants to export to Excel but insist on putting line feeds,tabs and carriage returns so it looks good while they are typing it in their screen ( in their resolution/screen size). I have even ran accross users that will enter the Part Description and then 10 ( alt-enter) to move down the Part Description entry field and then write elaborate sub descriptions with the justification that " well, it doesn’t show up on the Part Tracker screen" .

Sorry for the rant…:crazy_face:

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FWIW - I sometimes have to filter out RS (Record Separator) chars (ASCII 30 (1E hex)) No idea how they got into our DB, but they reek havoc with Excel.