Company Configuration - Sales - CRM, Quote - not available

Dear EpiUsers community,

I am trying to configure the company from scratch and go through System Flow Course - Quote to Cash processes.
But I got right away stuck when creating the Customer with the error message - CRM System Configuration record is missing

When I would like to correct that in the Company Configuration → Modules → Sales → CRM - I will find all fields in the CRM section (and also the Quote section) greyed out - without the possibility to edit.

I would expect this to be an issue with Licences or maybe some bug in the new UI - but that should not be an issue - the CRM license is there and the issue is present in all UIs.

Would you please know how to beat this? Did I miss some parameters or setup?

Thank you for any help.

Best regards,

I would double check that the CRM license is enabled. You can see the list of modules and their status in Company Configuration.

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Hello John,

thank You for your reply. - Yes I also thought this will be the issue - but I believe license should be ok - also configuration for Quote is greyed out for me - it feels strange.

If the CRM module is licensed (and it is), there are several settings that have to be set in Company Configuration BEFORE you can add customers in the LIVE, TEST, or PILOT environments. The DEMO environment has these settings already, and the System Flow course is designed to work in that environment.

Before you can add Customers, you need to have a default Task Set, a default Territory, a default Marketing Campaign (which will need a default Marketing Event), and default Reason Codes for Win, Lose, and Task. You’ll probably also need a default Terms Code, and I’d probably also create your Country as well.

It is generally regarded as NOT a Best Practice to jump the gun on creating your initial environments…


Hello Ernie,

thank you for your time and help - yes I understand that several things need to be set up upfront - but even if I create all these bits in respective Main Menu > CRM > Setup menus - in Company Configuration I am still NOT able to select them as all fields are greyed out - as I am showing on my first picture - that is where I am struggling.

Do you have your GL Controls set up yet for AR Account, AP Account, and Inventory COS and WIP?