Company=EPIC06 not licensed

Installed ERP102100 , with demo database. and did get the followed error for ERP and DMT.
Company=EPIC06 not licensed.
Any suggestions , what license need to be provided for education company?


Did you set your licences in the Admin Console for each company?

I did try to use my company license, I did reinstall completely EPICOR 10.2.1 with demo, but it shows the same message

Did you go in Admin Console, Open the App Server, go to Licensing Import your License then go to each company and assign the serial number?

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yes, i just applied license to demo company, through admin console. and same message about EPIC06 company shows

Did you apply it to all the companies? there are about 8 in thereā€¦

Epic06 = Epicor Education


If you apply the license against all companies you should see your company name against the Installation Name column when you select companies. You can use the License Administration Tool if you wanted to do it in an automated fashion. You can read about it in the Help (thanks @Bart_Elia )

Thank you. Yes, I did apply my company license, looks like it started to work. Thank you. Is it possible do not use my company license for EPICOR demo? It is reducing number of users for the real EPICOR

It should not affect your regular epicor at all they are 2 different app servers and databasesā€¦

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Thank you, you resolved the problem:grinning::smiley: