Company template setup

Company template setup.
We are considering the use of Epicor for several other legal entities we have and plan to create a new company with in Epicor for each LE
I have several questions on the approach
1 – is there a method that will allow me to setup a new company with UOM, GL… save it as a template and copy into my new company each time I have a new startup?
I can do this with a single company and have the SQL dB saved, but in a multi-company setup, the other companies have active data
2 – in a multi-company setup, can I have more than one GL consolidation allowing me to identify specific companies that will roll into the deferent GLs?
What should I be aware when going down this path, I do hope to stay with a single SQL server to optimize concurrent licensing and to use the DIRECT sync for any global entities I may need (Parts, customers..)