Company template setup

Hi All,

basically this is this is tha same, we are willing to create a new company but need to know if it is possible to kind of use as template any of the existing companies with AP, AR, GL and Currency setup.

is that possible?

We are considering the use of Epicor for several other legal entities we have and plan to create a new company with in Epicor for each LE
I have several questions on the approach
1 – is there a method that will allow me to setup a new company with UOM, GL… save it as a template and copy into my new company each time I have a new startup?
I can do this with a single company and have the SQL dB saved, but in a multi-company setup, the other companies have active data
2 – in a multi-company setup, can I have more than one GL consolidation allowing me to identify specific companies that will roll into the deferent GLs?
What should I be aware when going down this path, I do hope to stay with a single SQL server to optimize concurrent licensing and to use the DIRECT sync for any global entities I may need (Parts, customers…)

I’m sot sure its possible but I wonder if one could actually clone a company in code (obviously changing the unique fields). I am curious if it would keep all the proper links. Food for thought.

We do this often using DMT. Get the templates setup, create a series of baqs to extract the data your going to copy from the source.

You can import the data for multiple companies at the same time.

Obviously you need to create the companies in the app server first.

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Thank you both of you for your replies.

I will give it a try with the DMT… wish me luck!!