Competitors' part cross reference

We are a manufacturer looking into consolidating all of our competitors’ part numbers and our part numbers so we can cross reference them when we need to. Obviously a spreadsheet will be the first stop, but is there a good way to achieve this in Epicor? I though about setting them up as either suppliers or customers, some of them already are. But I don’t really want them showing up in reports if we really don’t buy from or sell to them. Is there a module for this type of business intelligence?

How do you intend on using the competitor’s part numbers? Do you want your sales team to be able to see what part you sell that is equivalent to the competitor part number when a customer calls with an order and/or questions?

You may want to use the Internal Part Cross Reference. The path to it is Material Management > Inventory Management > Setup > Internal Part Cross Reference.

Check out Epicor Help for this and it will give you a description of what it does. I think this is just what you are looking for in Epicor.


I never saw that before Beth… thanks for helping me learn something new and useful today!


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You’re welcome, Nancy! We ran across this one day when we were trying to find a solution for something here at PTI. It popped into my brain again when I saw it mentioned in the help for Alternative part numbers in Part Maintenance.

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This is good to know about (Thank you @Beth! :slight_smile: ) and I could see it being useful. I was curious what would happen if you, by chance, entered an Internal Part Cross-Reference Record that just so happens to match a Part that you already have in your Part Master. It looks like you are presented with a Cross-References window where you can then select the Part that you want to use:

I wouldn’t want that window popping up all the time and would probably modify the Internal Cross-Reference Record(s) with maybe an ICR_ before the Reference Name or something like that but…

Cool Beans! :sunglasses: :+1: