Component pricing assumes configurable subassemblies are all identical?

I’ve been testing simple configurators that model different aspects of what we actually want to do in production. First I created a single-level configurator that uses component pricing and updates material quantities on the quote BOM. The configured part receives correct price based on the configurator inputs and material prices. So far so good!

For my next experiment, I created a similar configurable part with component pricing, and a parent part containing two of the configurable part. When the parent is configured, the subassembly configurator runs twice and the resulting BOM is correct. But the component pricing does not reflect the BOM. If the two subassemblies are configured differently, then instead of the sum of the prices, the parent receives two times the price of the first one.

The document rule in the subassembly configurator is just

Pricing.QuotePrice = Pricing.ComponentPricing;

I also tried

Pricing.QuotePrice += Pricing.ComponentPricing;

Has anyone else run into this? I don’t see any related PRBs…

We found a workaround that isn’t too painful. We duplicated the subassembly part but did not duplicate its configurator. All the duplicates use the same configurator. Then we changed the parent BOM so it only contains one of each duplicate sub. This forces Component Pricing to look at the configured materials for each sub instead of assuming they’re all the same.

This has been assigned PRB0238807.

The workaround will quickly become painful in a multi-level BOM. I’m not holding my breath for a fix before we plan to go live, so I guess I’ll be reimplementing component pricing as some sort of customization…