Condition Expression in Kinetic

With Method Directives, there are number of canned condition statements.
I am trying achieve a similar behavior with an Event in Application Studio, but I am unsure of the syntax.

How do I write the expression in the condition in Application Studio that will run for:
The user who called the method (belongs or does not belong) to *** group (and I would want to list multiple groups; or I would chain condition statements).

I assume I would put the expression here, but I am unsure of the syntax:

Can anyone provide a little guidance? (I did not see any help in the “Working With” AKA “Hands On” courses for Kinetic) .

Here was an example from the advanced Kinetic class for testing the value of a UD field on a Data View named ‘Customer’:

'{Customer.Colors_c}' === 'Red'

Application studio is client side while BPMs are server side.
What you are tryihg to accomplish here is a server side function. Checking if a user belongs to group (for security purposes) should be done exclusively on the server side.

Write an Epicor function that that returns true / false based on whether the user belongs to a specific group. Note don’t pass the groups from the front end. Regardless though security should be double checked server side use things like Field Security, Process Security and BPMs to double check any "security’ measures you take on the client.

Angular is an open book ANYTHING on the client side is trivial to change, so there should be zero security measures in place on the UI layer and it should all be relegated to the server.