Configurator lookup column set

Kind of confused with config lookup tables.

Each Lookup table has a Column set. And that column set has columns. Rows are added, and the intersection of the row and column is the data stored.

But the lookup functions only ever use the table name, column name and row name. None of them require the column set.

Can I have the same column name used in two different column sets of the same lookup table? How does the lookup function know which column set to use?

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You can’t have two column sets for the same lookup table. You can have the same column set across multiple tables but that enforces uniqueness

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I use UDMethods to access the data in the lookup tables. That allows me to access the columns by the ‘name’.


Apparently I didn’t read the original post, I was told by a consultant that the column sets are pointless and aren’t used in the system.

So a Column Set is a group of column definitions (col name, data type format, etc…). And if marked as template, it can be used in multiple lookup tables.

But each lookup table can only have 1 column set.

That all correct?

I thought the lookup table was akin to an Excel file. With the lookup table being like a workbook, column sets being worksheets, and rows and columns being rows and columns.


But only one Workbook per company if we’re keeping up with the analogy.

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But my analogy was incorrect.

One more question, lookup tables aren’t tied to specific configurators, right?

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No, only UD Methods.

I mean right. Lookup Tables are separate from Configurators. Think of them like UDxx(x) tables but combined into a single table. There is also Configurator Control Data which you would access with a Server Side UD Method but not a flexible as Lookup Tables.

Worth noting, Lookup Tables can take up a lot of “wire-time”. It’s best to pull as much in with a single call instead of doing field lookups. You’ll REALLY feel it if accessing LU Tables across continents!