Configurator: Use Record creation to define Part number & Description that are different


Could someone tell me how to use record creation functionality in the configurator to create a part number from a smart string and set the new parts description from a separate input?


Not sure if you have access to the Epicor Education courses but they provide a really good example. If not, I can provide you a quick example of how to do this
Update – Added quick example and please note there are other ways to accomplish this and other options you can do for the part creation (set defaults, etc.)
.PartCreationExample.pdf (340.2 KB)

Thanks for your response, though as far as I can see this would only set the description of the part on the order - I’m looking to write to the part record.

Not a problem. I will add that in a minute.

In the same document rule that sets the OrderDtl LineDesc just add something like this

Part.PartDescription = Inputs.epiPcTextEditor1.Value;

That’s brilliant thanks so much!