Configure 9.05.702 Test Environment parallel to 9.05.701 Live Environment

We are running 9.05.701 Live and currently have a 9.05.701 Test server.
We want to upgrade our Test server to 9.05.702 and allow our users to run either one.
I know that the client has a cache folder in c:\programdata\epicor and there are currently 2 separate folder structures.

I guess what I am asking is, do I need to do anything special to make these different versions run on a common PC without problems ?


Not as long as you install the clients in different folders.

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In my experience there is nothing you need to do with the Programdata folder as I have not had any issues running multiple instances and versions. It will generate a folder for each instance on the client as needed.

We currently run 3 different instances of 9.05.702 and 1 instance of 10.1.500.7 all completely separate environments. We nested the folders for them like so on client machines

E10 environment

I would caution you to be careful when you upgrade the test server if your virtual and just cloned your environment and did not update your server SID or update your SQL server instance name.

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We use Citrix and offer up several different versions of Epicor to our Citrix Users. If you want to run both versions on a PC you install the Epicor9Client from .701 on the PC (I believe the ProgramData folder just contains temp files for each version…if the .701 client is already installed on the PC, you’ll probably find the Client files somewhere like C:\Program Files\Epicor Software\ (the default) - this will contain a copy of the \servername\Epicor905\Client files from your .701 LIVE server)

then install the Epicor9Client from the .702 server on the same PC, although you’ll want to be sure to rename the folder to something like C:\Program Files\Epicor Software\Epicor702Test. And if you choose which shortcuts to create during each install you will hopefully see one set point to your .701 and another point to your .702 Mfgsys.exe program in your Client files. (Of course it would be good to rename these… :wink: :+1: )

Icon Properties:

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Thanks for the useful tips.

I follow the folder name concept, I was thinking …


Yes, it is cloned but the SID and SQL server instance name has been updated.

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Very nice reply, pictures and everything !

I think this sums it up nicely, I will just have to make sure that my Target line contains the right pointer to my E905702.mfgsys file and the contents jibe.


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