Connecting PowerBI to Epicor


Everyone has been extremely helpful in this forum. I am trying to connect Epicor ERP9 directly to PowerBI. The current process is that we download XML/CSV every day and PowerBI connects to those files, but there are some issues with this process that I want to circumvent by connecting PowerBI with Epicor. Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out how to do this but was wondering if anyone here has successfully done this?

Thank you!

A few questions for you. Are you using SQL for E9 or Progress?
Do you have office365 power bi licenses?

My preferred method for PowerBi is to setup an Azure database to replicate your on premise SQL data. Power Bi runs quickly and i feel better about not having anyone direct access the Epicor SQL server.

You can also setup the Office 365 data gateway and give read only access to the SQL database to PowerBI.

If you’re using Progress, ODBC might work through the gateway, not sure.

If you have a bunch of BAQs you want to replicate in powebi, you can mostly copy the baq query from the query phrase and create a SQL view on your replicated database. you’ll need to make a few changes for table names.

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If you want an already made reports and data model I highly recommend blue sky’s solution

@markdamen can get you in touch with his team at blue sky and I’m sure answer any questions you may have