Connecting to

One employee always has this pop up. Anyone knows how to remove/stop it? Thanks.


I wonder if this is because of the new hosted help?

I guess it is related to some settings on the user’s desktop, but not 100% sure.

When does that show up?

When launching the client on his/her workstation?

When launching help from withing the client?

When trying to access epicweb via a browser?

Has this user’s .mfgsys config file been edittied?

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Mine used to do that as well - They’ve linked EpicWeb to Outlook (I’m assuming the Sharepoint calendar from EpicWeb).

Remove the Sharepoint calendar from their Outlook and it should stop.

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Charles, Thank you so much. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide the steps to remove it.

Find the calendar in their outlook, right click on it and choose Delete Calendar