Context Menu parameters

I have a dashboard called JobChecker. I added it to the context menu for JobHead. However, the BAQ has a parameter “JobNum”.

Is there a way to pass the JobNum when you right-click > Open with > JobChecker?

Take the parameter out of the BAQ, then in the dashboard, add the filter by job number as a primary browse in the dashboard. It should fill in the job number when you do an open with. You might have to play around with it a bit.

Thanks that worked sort of. I have a dashboard with Jobs and right-click open with Jobchecker worked as you said. But when I am in JobEntry to JobTracker, the context menu isn’t there. Do you happen to know why?

How does performance of this solution will be when there will be lots of jobs in database. As I understood well BAQ will take all the jobs first and then dashboard will only filter it.

@pawel.malicki in the next version Epicor has solved it apparently :slight_smile: time will tell… but I do trust @pferrington

  • Its one of the main reason we will upgrade earlier to a major release
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The filters on the dashboard will “parameterize” if it’s a simple filtering operation. If you are using aggregate functions, it can’t, but if you are just filtering, performance gets better the more items you populate in the dashboard filter.


I know this an old post, but what exactly do you mean by this? I’m not sure what the primary browse in the dashboard is.


This only works with the filter on the query (not filtering on the grid property) and only on some fields. Usually the primary ones like part etc. If it works, at the bottom of the list will be dashboard browse, otherwise you’re mostly out of luck.


@Banderson that did it! I had no idea that was even an option. Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it!

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