Contract PO schedule generation results on 405a flaky

Anyone out there have experience with contract POs on 405A (or any 8.03 version for that matter)?

I tested this on 404 (but we never implemented - to many other much more urgent issues - bugs - to deal with before adding new processes to the mix) and it seemed to give as expected results reliably & repeatably.

Now we're on 405a retesting (as there is now real interest in implementing) and I'm finding on a static test db, after setting up a single test part with schedule rules for approved contract POs (with two vendors with defined mix of business each & their own supply rules), when I run a full purch suggestion regen (contract POs included) & then generate part schedules, I get different pending approval schedule results each time I repeat the full regen of purch suggestions/gen part schedules.

Not minor differences - but significant differences each time even though no conditions have changed AT ALL each time I repeat the 15-20 minute cycle and review the results in the part schedule approval app.

I searched epicweb for any hints at known bugs (reviewing all change notes on all releases since 404 & looking for actual known bug cases) - Nothing.

Has anyone else out there experienced this kind up non-repeatable (and therefore untrustworthy) behavior (on any version)?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Brown