Control of Nonconforming Invenory

Moving inventory from one BIN to another:

I can do it with on-hand quantity, WIP quantity. Is there a way to do it with quantity in ‘Inspection’?

I’m wondering the same.

In fact, I literally joined the forums because of this post!

I would hope the only way to do it would be with the “Inspection Processing” module. Any reason you can’t use that module?

Inspection Processing allows me to place ‘passed’ nonconforming quantity back into a location, it also places it back into a state (on-hand) that I can perform inventory actions on.

The initial reporting of nonconforming material, VIA the ‘Nonconformance’ dashboard, gives me one opportunity to place the ncf quantity into a location. After that, that’s where it is until it gets inspected. It also places the quantity into a state (Inspection) that, as far as I can tell, provides no mechanism to perform inventory actions.

If the need arises for me to physically move this quantity after the fact, I have no way to reflect that move in the system. This will provide a challenge when it comes time for my inspector to actually find the thing they are supposed to inspect.

I see what you mean. I’m not aware of anything with that functionality, but maybe someone else here has an idea.

Is this solved in the current version or is this still an issue?

Inspection processing is just the first ‘stage’. If you fail the inspection, it will automatically create a DMR. From the DMR, you can accept it back into stock in a new location.