Controling bulk issue stock

We have the follwing requirement and wonder how anyone else controls
it with Vantage. We are on version 6.1


1. We purchase two reels of wire and receive it into the primary
warehouse and primary bin which is a stores location.

2. We then misc issue a reel out to the shop floor which they use as
required until they require another reel.

The problem with this is the wire is on the BOM and hence job and
issed from the stores location.

The other option is to use backflush with a default backflush bin on
the workcenter. However we use phantom BOM's with no operations. So
without the related operation I don't believe the backflush works.
The backflush could then be done at job closing, however this then
seems to backflush from the primary bin not the default bin set on
the workcenter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Richard Whalebelly
Shelbourne Reynolds Eng