Conversion Cheat sheet

Anyone know if there is a list of conversions and what they mean and really do?

Hi Kimberly,

Do you mean conversion programs?

In epicor 9 you see the list and what they do (description) using Epicor Admin Tools > Run Conversion Program.

or by querying the database:

select * from EpicorTrain905.dbo.CnvProgs

Or by looking at the content of the cnvprogs.dcd file located on the epicor server folder.

Unfortunately you cannot see what they do because Epicor only delivers such programs in binary format (.r) and not in source code format (.p).

In Epicor 10.x you do it by using the Conversion Workbench.

or again by querying the database.

select * from Ice.CnvProgs

or looking for Erp.Internal.Conversion,dll under Server\Assemblies
Here you have more luck. You can decompile those “.dll” assemblies to know exactly “what they really do”.


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Ok, sounds like I can’t get what I need. I wish they would supply better info the those that support there company.

Here is the list I copied out of the admin tool.

Epicor905 Admin Conversion Routine List.xls (67 KB)

nope I am looking for a definition of what they do and their purpose.

The description tells you what it does

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