Conversion from 3.0 to 4.0

Well, we're taking the plunge tonight... moving from Rio to Morocco
(the U-Haul is loaded). I currently have 4.0 running on its own server, with
our live 3.0 database on another. I'd appreciate comments on any of the
following issues:

1. Any caveats to the information on pages 27-29 of the 4.0 installation
guide, "Upgrading database from existing application"?
2. Ben at Vantage tech support told me I could be uninstalling 3.0 and
installing 4.0 on my clients during the database conversion process. Anyone
have any problems doing that?
3. Has anyone had problems installing the 4.0 data collection gateway
software that I should know about (bugs [i.e. undocumented product features]
and operational glitches aside)?
4. Any last-minute words of wisdom?

Kenneth E. Urban
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