Converting a Classic Dashboard to Kinetic

Hi Everyone!
Enough time has passed since I last gave up on Kinetic. On Leave Event in Kinetic? - #34 by NateS
I thought today I would give it a shot again. I would like to convert a simple dashboard we use in classic. The dashboard I call “The Shop Date Range” shows the results of a BAQ in two grids. The top grid shows the data grouped by resource group, and the bottom grid shows the data grouped by assembly part number. My goal here is to give the user a snapshot of how many hours each RG is scheduled for, and a list of the parts being made on the floor during that time. Here is a copy of this working classic dashboard for reference or for your own use.
TheShopDateRange.dbd (264.5 KB)
Or just the BAQ if you want:
ShopDateRange.baq (34.4 KB)

You do have to input your start/end dates twice, once for each grid. Not sure how to get around that, but it works for now.

On to Kinetic Conversion! I start in the desktop application. I begin by opening Dashboard, and loading up my ShopDateRange dash. I click Deploy and choose Generate Application, and Deploy.

Next, I head into Menu Maintenance. I add a new menu item to my executive status dashboard menu. I choose Kinetic App, and pick the program: Ice.UIDbd.ShopDateRange. Save and exit epicor.

Now I open epicor/kinetic in my Chrome browser. I guess everyone says to use the browser (because the desktop app is worse?) So I find my recently deployed application by searching for Shop Date Range. Sure enough, I see the kinetic app that I just added. When I run the app, it looks mostly ok. I mean there are two grids, but the grouping and summing didn’t carry over from my dashboard.

I just need to make a slight customization to this kinetic app so that my grids automatically open, and display the grouping and summing I expect. Simple! Right?

I click the … waterfall menu or whatever its called, and click Application Studio to pen a new layer customization to this app. I click the only form, and choose edit. For each of my two grids, I choose Properties > Advanced > Expand at Runtime. This should keep my grids open all the time. Save and Preview. This works in preview mode ok.

Next step, to get the summaries working. Now I have pretty low expectations at this point. Kinetic Dashboard Group By Summaries - #3 by NateS
Nevertheless, I tried setting up grouping, but I couldn’t figure out how to set it up in the customization so the user doesn’t have to manually group the grids every time. Grouping at runtime is pretty easy, so I can let that go for now. I also tried a few ways of summarizing at the customization layer level. But I could only find the summaries at runtime.

I would also like to have the parameters slide-out only appear once, and have the values apply to both grids. I have considered using only one grid, and having a button to toggle between grouping by asmpart and resource group id. Would that be easier/cleaner?

This is kind of an open ended post. I know that the summaries are still an issue, but can anyone help me get the parameter slide-out to only fire once? Do you have any other ideas about making the summaries work? Any other commentary on how I built this, or the data feeding it?

I wanted to attach my completed kinetic app here for reference, but I am not sure how to do that.

Thanks for your time and consideration!


Nate, thanks for posting! I’ll be following along with your steps, since we’ve got more than a few to convert.

For sharing, if your company is an O365 shop, you could save the file into Microsoft’s cloud, and then share the link in your post.