Cool Microsoft Teams Integration

Figured I would share the first proof of concept for the Microsoft Teams bot that I am working on. I absolutely love finding new ways to use REST connections to help my company visualize Epicor in more meaningful ways.

Quick breakdown of how this works:
I created a BAQ that unioned job prod, job mtl, and job op together for a selected job. Then created a Power Virtual agent bot that when prompted takes the job number of your choosing and feeds it into a Microsoft Flow. The Microsoft Flow puts together the REST url to pull the BAQ data then i parses the returned JSON into an HTML table. The flow then outputs the HTML code back to the bot, and Teams interprets the HTML and outputs a readable table.

(ignore the outrageous typo where the guy at the saw produced 722,292 parts)


That’s sick Camren! I love the name of that bot by the way HA! :rofl:


@Camren360 I would love to see the specifics on how you did this. I had this same idea when i learned about Teams bots.

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As did Epicor, right Eva?



If Eva replies, that means Skynet has taken over and it has begun.


Eva: “Record modified by another user”

I think we’re ok. :wink:


MARK :rofl:

Correct, but I already pay for Teams, I don’t want to sell my first born to get Eva. :roll_eyes:


Basic EVA is free and is being extended with new skills shortly (from what I understand)

@Mark_Wonsil You Sir - are on fire. :fire:

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I believe EVA is completely free this far

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Cool. I haven’t used Eva much at all. I have yet to have a use case that presented itself necessary. Same reason i didn’t invest any time into a Team bot or even the Alexa integration you created a few years ago. Fun to play around with but i don’t think anyone would use it, at least with the company i am with.

i’ll have to find a good way to document it.

Both Power Virtual Agent, and Microsoft Flow are low/no code environments, so within 15-30 minutes I was able to get it to take an input, grab REST data, and spit out a basic output. Then I struggled for several hours trying to get a decent looking output until I found out Teams could interpret raw HTML at Chat time. Then I was able to use this article: Power Automate HTML Table Styling – Ryan Maclean to get a nice table.

I hit a hard dead end trying to get Microsoft’s Adaptive Cards to work. This is where being inside of a low/no code environment get’s frustrating because it tries to do error correction for you, and in the case of making an adaptive card with a collection of values it assumes that you want to loop through the collection despite the adaptive card just looking for the raw array.


Yes, Adaptive Cards would be excellent. Not sure if the Kinetic Framework has something similar but it would be a great UI addition.

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@Mark_Wonsil I really think Epicor should have you as the Comic entertainment at Insights! I’m sure you have a ton of EpiJokes

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I’m sure the majority of the people here would wish I would just give the humor thing a REST. :thinking:


Those that aren’t on cloud 9 anyway

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Epicor Express?