Copy All is greyed out on one dashboard but not the other

So I’ve got this dashboard where the “Copy All” option is greyed out when opening the right clic context menu from the grid :


As you can see, the “Copy to Excel” option is available. The copy selection is also available when a row is selected.

I found this issue only on this particular dashboard, all the other are OK. There is a customization on this dashboard, where a button is used to call the BAQ with parameters then load the data in the DataView, then bind the grid. The same code is used on several other dashboard, with no problem on the “Copy All” menu. Here is the snippet of code, for reference

private void loadBaqReport() 
		EpiDataView edvResultat;
	    edvResultat = ((EpiDataView)(this.oTrans.EpiDataViews["V_InfosTransportPaiement_1View"]));

        this.GrilleResultat.DataSource = null;

        string BAQName = "InfosTransportPaiement";
        DynamicQueryAdapter dqa = new DynamicQueryAdapter(oTrans);
        Ice.BO.QueryExecutionDataSet qeds = dqa.GetQueryExecutionParametersByID(BAQName);
        qeds.ExecutionParameter.AddExecutionParameterRow("FiscalYear", this.getFiscalYear(), "int", false, Guid.NewGuid(), "A");
        qeds.ExecutionParameter.AddExecutionParameterRow("FiscalPeriodStart", this.getFiscalPeriodStart(), "int", false, Guid.NewGuid(), "A");
        qeds.ExecutionParameter.AddExecutionParameterRow("FiscalPeriodEnd", this.getFiscalPeriodEnd(), "int", false, Guid.NewGuid(), "A");
        dqa.ExecuteByID(BAQName, qeds);


        if(dqa.QueryResults.Tables["Results"].Rows.Count == 0)
            MessageBox.Show("Aucun resultat trouvé / No result found");

        edvResultat.dataView = new DataView(dqa.QueryResults.Tables["Results"]);
	    this.GrilleResultat.DataSource = edvResultat.dataView;

        this.formatDecimalColumn(GrilleResultat, "###,#0.00");
    catch (System.Exception ex)

Any clues ?

Welcome to the forum, I noticed on your screenshot you had “Group By” enabled, if you remove it, that copy selection will be available.


Yep, that was it. Thank you Fernando.

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Glad to hear that resolved your issue. I had the same problem with Copy to Excel and it ended up being the Group By.