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Thank you for this, Tyler! I had this issue crop up for a seemingly random group of users and I really didn’t want to suggest that we start deleting recreating Domain users as some of the other threads suggested. This solved my issues!

excel.path.fix.txt (504 Bytes)

The repair did not work for us. Glad it worked for you! The reg fix is an easy one. Not sure what is causing the keys to delete though! We’ve had it crop up a few more times in the last week.

Yes, it is random. We have seen it pop up on a few other users here as well. About 5-6 total users now out of ~100 installations. Glad it worked for you.

I just had this happen again to one of the same users, FYI. not sure what is causing it.

I’ve been using the Update Now Under Account in the Excel App and have found a lot of new versions since this began for us late last week. Once the update is complete I then do a repair to the Office 365 Apps which restores the Export to Excel functionality. One of my first reported cases has finally been stable for more than 24 hours so I am hoping Excel has reached a stable release at Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028.20152 for the 32 bit install.

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Thanks for sharing this solution. I have reproduced the issue on Excel 64 bit 2203 and Excel 32 bit 2108. In both situations, a Quick Repair after the most recent update resolves the issue. Hopefully we won’t have to do this each time an update is pushed down via 365

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Thank you for the help.

I did the update first - that did not work.

I then did the Repair and that worked.

Thank you again,

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We are having users where the office repair worked, but now it stopped working again. I’ll try out your registry fix and see if that holds up longer!

Quick repair is working for us now. That is a better solution that modifying the registry. The path to excel could potentially be different

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Thought I would throw in some info from one of my clients that might help in clarifying that the issue is probably more with Microsoft\O365 install than Epicor.
I have a client that is on Epicor 10.0 and have been since around 2015 I think.
Over the last 7 years they have ran into this issue from time to time and usually the scenario is that when they select ‘Copy To Excel’ with Excel already open it fails with an error that teh temp file could not be found. But if Excel is NOT open then Copy To Excel works fine.
They have not reported this issue over the last 3 years … UNTIL THIS WEEK and they are O365.

seems to be the case.

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