Copy UD fields between databases

Im building a fresh database so we can move to the new database and leave old data behind

Is there a way I can easily identify and copy all my table UD fields to the new database?

This is a job for Solution Workbench. After you’ve installed the Solution in your new database (which copies the fields), you’ll need to regenerate the data model from Admin Console.

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Thanks Ernie - Don’t suppose you can give me some pointers on how to do this or a good help guide? I’ve had a play and cant figure out how to, say, export all the UD fields from the part table

Create a new solution. Save the solution. Click add to solution. Select Zdatatable in the grid and click search. select and click OK on the record you want and repeat for all tables you want to bring in. Then click add to solution. Click actions build solution. Open the other environment and in solution work bench click actions install solution. and select the cab file from the first environment.

To get a list of tables that have ud fields just go into ud column maintenance. Click table name and then search. Right click the grid and export to excel.

Hope this helps.

What @MattSpotts said… but it requires some playing around with and getting comfortable with.

There IS a help document called “Using Solution Workbench” (available in 2023.x for sure and maybe also earlier) that gives a LITTLE more detail, but it’s wrapped up in a lot more extraneous verbiage so might be less useful.

Thanks All - Seems I have some application issue preventing me using solution workbench properly (get an error about invalid parameters when selecting Zdata). Will log this with support. I thought I was doing something wrong but you’ve confirmed I was on the right track