Copying System Events in Application Studio

I am following the course on Epicweb: Using Grids in Application Studio. I am on step 12 of exercise 2.

The instruction is to open the events sidebar and copy the user defined action called “CallGetHeadOrderInfo”. I can right click on it and I can click copy. But I don’t see a copy show up anywhere. The instructions say it should have the prefix “Copy_Of_”. I have saved my layer and closed/reopened application studio, but I can’t find a copy of the event anywhere.

Is this a permissions thing? Has anyone else had this issue?
Apparently at least one other person has been struggling with this:


I have opened a case (CS0002788938). The support person could not seem to replicate the issue, so they want to wait until 2021.2.4 update to test again.

If I create my own event, I can Copy or Delete it, but for default events the copy does not work (it seems like if they are locked, they do not even allow the copy).

Same here. I am submitting a support ticket now.

I believe they want you to use the before / after triggers for those events and not necessarily copy them. What are you trying to do ? (functionally)

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I am just going through their training document. I just need to learn how this works. If the training doc isn’t correct, what are we to do?

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@josecgomez is correct. You should be creating a new event and set the trigger to:

  1. Event
  2. Before or After
  3. The event name you want to hook into.

You should not be modifying or copying stock events. If you try to do this and you upgrade, you’re going to have a bad day.

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Remember that 2021.2.3 is not GA yet I assume they are updating those docs /trainings.

I totally agree, and never would have attempted it, if it were not for the explicit instruction to do so in the training document. Every time I think I am ready to start learning the new system, something like this comes up. It’s like Epicor is saying you have to learn all this new stuff, but wait, we aren’t ready to train you yet. So just deal with the new program when we force it on you.


I have rarely used the documentation. Mostly, I just wade through the muddy water myself or look at the JSON files on the server for the screens they made to see how I can do it myself.

Where do you learn this info? Nate and I were just following the Hands On education course and the course leads you into a dead end. Also, being SaaS, how do we get access to the JSON files on the server?

I am preparing to create a Kinetic layer of Quote Entry and Order Entry that have updatable links to child tables (1 to many) that were linked using Wizards and 4 keys. I thought the Kinetic Grids Hands On course would help me learn how best to approach this task.

Trial-and-error, mostly. Not sure what SaaS has access to, but I’m guessing you don’t have the server files available? If not, then you’ll have to poke around App Studio and look at things Epicor already made to try and recreate them or wait until the documentation has been updated properly.

Support expects the issue to be fixed in Kinetic 2021.2.4. He didn’t say anythign about using before/after triggers.

I don’t see a Before or After “CallGetHeadOrderInfo” event in the list. I guess I really do have to wait until I get the update to finish the education course.

It’s not in the list–you make your own event and set the trigger to hook into it.

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@bconner Did we mis-understand? I believe when the before after triggers were introduced and "native’ events locked down you mentioned that we are not really supposed to copy/mess with those and instead use the before / after events.
Is that correct?

Base events not being copy-able is a late breaking bug in 2021.2.3 which will be fixed in an early update (I believe we’ve got this fixed in 2021.2.5 though it may have made .4). We realize that there are a couple of education courses that tell you to do this and lead right into the issue.

The story here is that both things are true - We are not allowing editing base events (without the sdk) because doing so makes layers that will not automatically merge together on upgrade when base event logic is changed and most customizations can be done instead by hooking custom actions before/after base events instead. If you previously had edited a base event directly we leave the event open for editing so if you’ve already done so it will continue to work, but may be more effort for you maintain.

However, that does not mean copying a base event should be restricted and we’d not intended for that to be locked down if you want to copy/reuse some of the logic for another event.