Correcting a posted invoice and packer

I made a packing slip and an invoice with wrong information listed. How can I fix both the packer and the invoice to have the correct information? This has been posted.

You can create a Cancellation Invoice, will create GL trans in reverse of the original invoice. But I don’t think you’ll be able to edit that packer, even after the Cancellation invoice.

What was the issue with the packer? Wrong items, qty’s? If it was a wrong ShipTo, which is then causing the tax to be incorrectly calculated, You’ll probably need to make the new invoice as a Misc invoice, manually setting the ShipTo, so tax will be properly calculated.

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I had a wrong part number listed and the customer won’t receive it in until it is fixed



The “complete way” (letting the system flow the way it’s intended), would be (without having done that Cancellation Invoice):

  1. Make an RMA to receive the entire shipment back
  2. Process the RMA (just pretend to have received the return).
  3. Credit the customer referencing the RMA
  4. Create a new packer (with the correct info), and mark it shipped.
  5. Submit the new Packer to the customer, and wait for their approval.
  6. Create a new Invoice for the new Packer.

I never gave an RMA a thought. Thanks for your help.

Once Cancellation Invoice is posted, then we should be able to unship the packing slip and change the part num or qty. Then we should be able to ship it again. It works perfectly fine from 9.05.701 onwards.

With this order I have multiple line items with multiple releases. When doing this RMA I have 36 releases. I clicked on each release to add a credit but now when I go to do the packer it wants to give me a packer for each of these releases. How do I make it so I only have 1 packer