Correcting buy to order Part on the fly with unlinked PO

Order line entered with a part-on-the-fly as buy-to-order, which was correct.
PO of type “other” was manually entered for the same part-on-the-fly, but was not linked to the order.
PO was received complete, the AP invoice was paid and posted

Because the PO was never linked, the line cannot be shipped (PoF requires a linked PO or a job)
Because the AP Invoice was posted, the PO release cannot be changed to link it to the order

In my test database I’ve tried several options, but not sure on the best path to take. The simplest path seems to be to convert the PoF to a part master, adjust the inventory to the quantity received, assign a part class to the part with a GL Control for MISC, ship, and do some training with the users that made the mistake(s). Is there a better way? I would prefer to just link the PO, but not sure if that can be done in the DB without unintended effects.

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