COS/WIP Capture Error / Inventory Count Process

Currently we are having a problem where the Capture COS/WIP process results in “Transaction is stored in Review Journal”. The RJ shows “TranGLC duplicate found. Posting process aborted to prevent duplicate posting.
Please contact customer support to request the fix program.”

I do have a ticket into Epicor. Unfortunately the fix provided has not corrected the problem.

It is year end for us and we were scheduled to start our annual Physical Inventory. This problem has delayed us from starting the count sequence.

My question is - what are possible consequences should we move forward with starting the count sequence, entering tags, and completing the inventory process?

What does the TranGLC record pertain to? Is it a material issued or something like that that you can remove? Would it be inappropriate to back out the transaction?

That is a good question. RJ error log does not appear to identify a specific transaction where the error occurs. There are several thousand transactions.

Is there a transaction type listed in the error?

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There is not.

So when it says “transactions stored in review journal”, what is stored in the review journal, the whole wip process record?




Yes, you can start the physical inventory process.

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That’s tough Clive. I don’t know if there is anything to query that would show you the duplicates.

Hi Clive,

Back in E9 we had similar difficulty stemming from AP invoicing where tranglc has blank glaccount field due to a bug. It caused review journal duplicate error and also gave us difficulties with creating new gl accounts.
See below for what it looked like. Perhaps this bit of info can help you find your error.



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Thanks everyone for your input.
Epicor has a copy of our database now and is trying to determine what is going on.
I appreciate your feedback.

Will you let us know what it was?

Sure thing.