Cost Adjustment UD fields not available in DMT

I have added some UD fields into PartCost table, but when i go to create a Template in DMT for Cost Adjustment those fields are not available.

I have done data model regen couple of times already, and recycled IIS but fields are not available.

I can see the fields in BAQ designer and SSMS, but not sure why not DMT

I have also added new field into Customer table, and i can see that field in DMT template with no issue

Anyone has got any idea?

I have no idea what I’m talking about but have you restarted your DMT app since you did regen and recycle?

Had the same problem with PartCost on some fields we added a few years back. Our consultant gave us a reason why , that I can’t remember right now. One way we loaded them was through Service Connect and another was BL Tester I believe.

Hi Anya,

We have a UD field for Character01 on part cost. I looked into DMT to see if we have same issue as you, and we do. My DMT version image
The PartCost Character01 field is available in BAQ etc. as your is. I tried to just toss Character01 in (i.e., to make it look like our Part DMT with UD’s in them) for DMT. No go…

Sorry not much help other than to tell you that it looks to be system bug.


The PartCost table does not have a Character01 field. Did you create one with Extended UD Table Maintenance?

If so, that field would be named Character01_c


I take that back. I didn’t realize that if you use one of the old user fields (like Character01), it doesn’t append the _c

I confirmed this problem exists in 10.1.400.23 with DMT for 10.1.400

I added two UD fields Character01 and Char01_c.

And it was fully regenerated

Neither appear in the DMT template.

As kind of a hack… You could make a uBAQ of the Cost Adj table and update the UD fields that way.

That was going to be my suggestion. :wink: