Cost element correction

Hello, everyone.

I’m currently tasked with examining our product line profitability. We have numerous elements which are incorrectly set up within numerous operations within a given job. For instance, crew numbers, which should always be set to 1, are set at 2 or 3. Resources are set in such a fashion that estimated labor is being double charged on a given operation. Burden is even being double charged on some operations.

Is there a way to correct these elements for a given job, then run a report to demonstrate what the estimated costs for a job should’ve looked like compared to what they look like under the erroneous conditions?

I’m new to Epicor, but I’m told there’s no way to alter a closed out job.
Also, I’m currently work in Test, so it won’t affect anything in our actual system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Closed is one thing, but even if you open up the job temporarily the extra JobOpDtl records will be stopped if any labor was posted and likely on a closed job it was.

The only way in a test system to get all of that fixed is with sql updates which I would not recommend.

Thank you for that. From what I’m seeing you’re correct. I don’t have the knowledge to even attempt sql updates, so that’s not even an option.