Costing in general

When I load the costing workbench, there is a std labor and std burden. I assume that the std labor comes from the labor on the resource group. If so, then why would the labor rate for a job come from the employee? We are using avg material cost with std labor and std overhead.

Also, my part tracker does not show costs but the costing workbench has costs.

We are implementing and we are totally confused.

Standard labor and burden are used for estimated costs. Employee labor rate is the actual rate based on the employee reporting the labor

Did you post your Costing Workbench after your cost roll? If your cost method for your manufactured part is standard then you need to roll the standard and then post it from within the Actions Menu in Costing workbench for the cost to show on Part Tracker

If you are using average costing, that means you want to capture the real cost as it’s made. The costing workbench gives you a standard cost based on your labor standards and resource group rates. This is generally used for estimating.

If you want the resource group and the employee rates to be the same, you can do so. (Payroll rate and employee rate do not need to be the same). It obfuscates the real cost, but many companies, including mine, do not want different costs associated with an employee, so they go with an average and chalk the difference up to overhead.

Thank you - we did not post the costs.