Couldn't Delete Parameter that enabled with Stored Procedure

I have a report that uses a SQL stored procedure data source.I’m using CR13R2.

The report has two extra parameters in the parameter field list that appear at the bottom of the parameter list that I cannot delete.

I’ve verified the database and the two parameters still appear in the parameter list even though they are not parameters in the stored procedure.

I can’t right click and delete from the popup because there isn’t a delete menu. I can’t select the parameter and delete them from the field list because the delete button is greyed out.

I’ve used Find in Formulas and the parameters are not used.

As a test, I’ve added a dummy parameter to the stored procedure and then verified the db. The new parameter appears at the bottom of the list, and the two extra parameters still appear in the cr parameter list. I think the names of two of the parameters were changed at one point. And the extra parameters are part of that change.

What can I do to delete the parameters?