CPQ - Displaying an Output Document in Quote via Workflow

Hello All,

Has anybody found a way to display an output document after a quote has been submitted?

In DEV, I can view an output document via TEST BUILD, but the end-user would not have access to that function.
I can build the output document without issue.

I currently have a custom action set to [force] build the output document after submission, but I can’t figure out how to get it attached to the quote for the end-user to see.

I am working with Epicor CPQ-PS on this issue, but I am looking to see if anybody else has ran into this issue or knows a solution.

Please let me know if you require any additional information.



The output documents have a couple settings that could impact end users ability to see the output documents. First, the output document needs to have ‘Post To Cloud’ set to ‘True’. Second, the output document needs to have ‘Tags’ added which allow you to specify which users can see those output documents. Third, in the workflow you need to add ‘Permissions’ to the states that you want users to be able to see output documents. Those permissions will allow you to specify which user roles will be able to see output documents with a specified tag.

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Good Afternoon Travis,

Thank you for this information–I greatly appreciate it!
I met with Epicor CPQ-PS and they were thoroughly stumped.

Using your guidance, I was able to successfully view the built Output Document in a submitted quote as a User.

I am curious–is this something that you stumbled upon, or did I miss something in the documentation?

(I see a bit about tags in the middle of the following article: S1: Testing Output Documents – CPQ (zendesk.com))


Before Epicor CPQ was Epicor CPQ it was KBMax. When KBMax transitioned from KBMax V2 to the cloud based KBMax V3, my company brought in an employee from KBMax to lead a multi-day training session to cover the basics of KBMax V3 and the conversion of our configurators from V2 to V3. I imagine we covered this topic during that training session.

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