CPQ - How to validate method of manufacturing

Is there some way to validate your manufacturing rules are solid, without needing to create a quote or order, running MRP, and seeing what’s on the job? I’d love to run the configurator and see the change in the tree view… What are you all doing to check your configurators as you develop them?

These are the materials and operations sync’d from Epicor, that I’ve got the configurator overrriding with the manufacture rules (on my test part):

Answering my own post, in case anyone else finds this useful - Using the Kinetic UI’s Quote Entry (not Classic UI), you configure the CPQ part (Configure button), wait for Epicor (it’ll rename the description based on CPQ when finished), and then click the ‘Engineering’ button. This will show the MoM / BoM in the new Quote Engineering window. No need to push to an order, run MRP, and view a job.

Thank you whoever suggested this!