Create Classes For BPM Custom Code?

Good morning mega-minds! The more I’ve been working with BPM custom code, the more I find that I’m recycling some code elements. Is there a way to create an equivalent of a Class file with Methods that can be called to from within BPM custom code?

I’ve read this article about creating Class files for form custom code, but am not sure if the problems mentioned there would also apply to BPMs…

Thanks for your time and advice! Have a great day!

Not sure what version you are on, but what you describe is the Functions functionality in the newer releases.

Let’s Get Funcy - Epicor Functions - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

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We’re using 10.1.500.16

You would need to upgrade to use it then as I believe it first appeared in 10.2.400

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You can create an external dll, in which you define your classes and common code, and call it from the BPM.

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